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Quality Control Course For Mechanical Engineers

Training Course objective

  • The main purpose of designing of this course is to make fresh Engineers confident in production, Quality, Design area. Please refer below is our course outline.

    1. Introduction to various Dept in Industry and working responsibilities.
    2. Introduction to welding, forging, casting with industrial visit
    3. Introduction to role of Quality control department in forging, casting, welding
    The following area we are covering as part of QA/QC
    1. Design Requirements of welding of pressure containing , structural as per ASME, AWS,API , ISO
    2. Preparation of welding documents WPS,PQR,WPQ as per ASME codes
    3. Inspection of plate, pipe, casting, forging at raw material stage, including Material test certificate review.
    4. Set up , in process and final inspection as per Inspection test plan
    5. Introduction to Non-Destructive Testing And practical experience, practice. Of conventional methods UT, RT,MT,PT,VT as well as advanced PAUT and TOFD Technique.
    6. Introduction to heat treatment process, including temperature setting, HT chart Review.
    7. Introduction to ISO management system.

    Ours course structure is based on 70 percentage practical session and 30 percentage theory as per Industrial and code and standard Requirements.
    We have plan to provide actual industrial experience to fresher Engineers

Quality Assurance Course for Mechanical Engineers